Online Services

How to register for Online Access

To be able to access blood test results,  book GP appointments, order medication, view medical history and covid vaccination history you can sign up to online access by register with the NHS App. 

If you already signed up for online access but you are unable to gain access you will need to contact the Practice by email at explaining the issue you are having. One of our team will come back to you with a solution within 5 working days. 

E-consult software DoctorLink

We invite our patients to join DoctorLink. This is an online service where you can access advice online and obtain fit notes.

Registration is simple and you can register here:

Prior to calling the Surgery we ask that you go through DoctorLink. 


It will ask you a number of questions to help identify your issue.

The outcome of your assessment will direct you to the right treatment, whether emergency care, your GP, nurse or self care or issue you with the relevant form. 

If your outcome indicates that an appointment is required, you simply click on the request appointment link.

You will then be contacted by the pratice to arrange an appointment within the identified timeframe (as outlined in the outcome of your symptom checker).

The information you provide will be shared with our clinical team (where appropriate) and will assist in providing robust information of your problem to the required clinical team member prior to your appointment. PLEASE NOTE THE PRACTICE WILL GET A REPORT EVEN IF YOU DO NOT PRESS SUBMIT. THIS IS FOR PATIENT SAFETY PURPOSES.

 The app is also availabe to download in both Google Play and the Apple Store.

Online blood test appointments at Kingston Hospital

For blood tests that your GP has requested  you will need to take with you to the hospital the blood form that the GP gave you. 

Please folow the link below for how to register and book your blood test appointment at Kingston Hospital.